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Sprinx stands for energy savings and guarantees significant cost savings on your energy costs. With Sprinx Energy Efficiency (SEE), EniscopeCheetah Energy Control and the Vickers Energy Management System, we focus on reducing energy consumption and the associated costs and, just as important, we also focus on making your building more sustainable. There is no doubt that these adjustments create a nicer working climate for your staff.

  • Eniscope


    You cannot manage what you cannot see. Gain control over your energy costs and expose energy abusing equipment. Take the first steps towards a sustainable future!

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  • Sprinx Energy Efficiency

    Sprinx Energy Efficiency (SEE)

    We survey your building’s energy consumption with a QuickScan, as well as providing comprehensive energy advice. Of course we also implement the savings measures on your behalf, resulting in a guaranteed energy saving.

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  • Cheetah Energy Control System

    Cheetah Energy Control

    Saves energy in professional kitchens by reducing the energy consumption of the extract and supply fans by an average of 57%! Both kitchen staff and our clients view Cheetah as a major asset.

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  • Vickers EMS

    Vickers Energy Management System

    Sprinx is the exclusive supplier of the Vickers Energy Management System (EMS) in The Netherlands. This unique control system achieves considerable fuel savings in large industrial buildings such as distribution centres, warehouses and production facilities.

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