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Eniscope is a real-time energy monitoring system that makes otherwise invisible energy now visible and thereby manageable. By placing smart meters, you do not only gain insight into your main meters, but in all data points! With Eniscope you are able to see exactly where your energy is going, second by second, which empowers you to prevent waste and save money.



Monitor – Analyse – Act – Result

Sprinx helps you. We analyse the energy data of your building and report our findings back to you. Where necessary, we make your technical installations more efficient through our SEE (Sprinx Energy Efficiency) service to eliminate waste. We guarantee instant results and improved comfort levels!

Eniscope Hybrid

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Why energy monitoring? 

On average, buildings waste 25% energy due to inefficient climate management. Energy is invisible, making it difficult to control. The sad truth is we cannot manage what you cannot see! Advanced metering provides full control of your energy consumption: you can easily check which appliances or building parts are switched on unnecessarily, intervene and make adjustments in case of abnormal consumption levels and prove the effectiveness of (new) systems with accurate data. In addition, you can positively influence the behaviour of your employees with the aid of public displays. The possibilities are endless!

Your Eniscope benefits

  • Real-time monitoring of electricity, gas, water and temperature with pinpoint accuracy
  • Measure separate installations, rooms or building areas
  • Indicator warns you of potential waste
  • Extra channels or additional meters are easily integrated together
  • Eniscope Analytics: online platform for elaborate analyses of your energy profile, accessible from anywhere in the world via a PC, (personalized) smartphone app or energy display (TV)
  • Benchmark your entire portfolio
  • Automatic energy reporting feature
  • Easy integration with other IT systems (via API)
  • Plug and play: only requires an internet connection to work

How does Eniscope work?

Eniscope is a tailored sub-metering solution. The hardware consists of a box with a maximum of 24 inputs: 8 for the electrical signals (3-phase), 8 for the gas and water pulses and 8 for the temperature. It measures all energy flows in your building with utmost accuracy at any desired level. Use the kettle or switching off the air conditioning will show you the immediate.

You can easily track your progress via the online Analytics tool, the Mobile app or Energy Displays.

Eniscope Analytics - for technical staff

Through this online application you can keep track of the energy consumption and costs of all integrated buildings and analyse this data extensively. What’s more, you will receive energy reports in your inbox containing a summary of your energy profile. The Analytics tool can be used on a PC, laptop or iPad.

Mobile app - engage the rest of your employees

The Mobile app shows the current energy consumption in real time. In addition, you can compare usage on daily, weekly or monthly level. The app can be completely personalized: you could create a behaviour app and let your employees engage in a healthy fight with each other. The app works for both Android and iOS.

Energy Display - engage your staff and your customers

Eniscope can also be connected to multiple displays. You can place these at strategic locations around the building to make your employees more aware of how energy is used and, in case of sustainable energy, is generated. What is shown on the display can be completely customized – it could be an extension of the Mobile behaviour app. Curious to see a demo of this display? Click here.

Eniscope system overview

Eniscope exposes energy abusing equipment and eliminates waste

We are looking forward to helping you identify your possibilities. Contact us for an appointment!

Eniscope will be installed by our own, professional technicians without disruption of your staff’s workflow. The system will be ready to use within just a few hours.

Optimise your existing installations with SEE

We would be happy to help you analyse your energy usage and eliminate your waste. With our unique SEE (Sprinx Energy Efficiency) service you can save 10% on your energy bill – maybe even double. Without investing a penny! Sounds interesting? Read more about SEE.

About Eniscope

Eniscope was developed by British Energy Saving Technology (BEST) in 2007 and is distributed to 37 countries worldwide. Since 2016, Sprinx has been a proud partner of BEST and supplier of Eniscope within Europe.

Eniscope Public Displays

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