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With our unique Sprinx Energy Efficiency (SEE) service we help you make your building more sustainable. Our own engineers, certified measurement and control specialists, ensure that the climate control systems in your building no longer waste energy and work as efficiently as possible starting today. With guaranteed instant results and improved comfort levels!


Our motto: you should not have to pay for energy you do not use

Reducing energy waste cuts your consumption and thus your energy bills, which creates financial room for future investments in renewable energy. This way you become the lead in the sustainable transition!


Zero Energy Waste in 4 steps

  • Step 1 | To measure is to know

    We start with an elaborate analysis of your current consumption and your needs and wishes. Based on this baseline measurement, we create a tailor-made energy savings plan. How much our measures yield is laid down in the SEE performance contract – including our SEE guarantee.

  • Step 2 | Quick wins

    Now, your energy saving journey can start. Our engineers focus on the quick wins first: these are permanent short-term savings that do not cost any money. These simple measures can return 10% savings easily! Optionally, we place one of our unique products Eniscope, Cheetah or Vickers. We will not leave until everything is running to your complete satisfaction!

  • Step 3 | Save more with extra measures

    The spare budget can be used for extra energy-saving measures. This can save you up to 30% or even more! The payback time for these measures often does not exceed 3 years.

  • Step 4 | Long-term partnership

    We can follow the progress by monitoring the building on a long-term basis, both on site and remotely. You will therefore receive periodic reports from us. In addition, we get to know more about the way in which the building’s users work. This way we can tailor the building to their wishes and needs even better, making it even more efficient!


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How does SEE work?

The climate installations (HVAC) of a building are responsible for an average of 70% of the total energy consumption. But in over two-thirds of the time, these installations do not function properly, regardless of the age or energy label of the building.

We help you make your climate installations more efficient. Our engineers ensure that no devices or installations interact or stay on when it is not necessary. Saving energy does not mean that the comfort level is compromised. In fact, we ensure that it is maintained or even improved. We do this by arranging the installations according to the needs of the user – in good consultation with your maintenance partner.

Division energy consumption in office buldings

Your SEE benefits

  • Energy advice and implementation by one independent party
  • Minimum 10% savings on your energy bill
  • SEE guarantee: savings are laid down in a performance contract – no cure no pay!
  • SEE has a six months average payback time: that is an ROI of 100%!
  • Lower energy costs per m2
  • Optimum indoor climate and working comfort
  • Advanced insight at the main meter level with Sprinx Energy Monitoring (SEM): the web portal with automatic reporting facility shows how much you consume and save!


SEE guarantee

The guaranteed savings promised by SEE are set in stone and laid down in a performance contract. If we do not achieve our guarantees, the costs are for our account. So you run absolutely no risk, and you can start taking the first steps towards sustainability now!

Advice and implementation by one single partner

We do not only advise, but also implement measures. That is why we look at your building through a different lens. Every building is unique because of its technical equipment, its construction, its users’ needs, its floor plan and the relevant laws and regulations. We therefore give each individual building the attention it deserves. The only thing you have to do is see how your energy bill goes down, starting day 1. The rest is done for you.

We survey your building free of charge!

In order to make an initial estimate of your potential savings, we need insight into the energy consumption of your building. This allows us to perform an energy scan. Based on this survey, we present a transparent advice with our recommendations and the associated costs, without any obligations.

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We give you total peace of mind so that you can focus on your core business

See what else we can do for you.

  • EED audits
    Is your company required to perform an audit according to the Energy Efficiency Directive? We can help you with that! With over 300 commissioned audits, we have extensive experience with performing energy audits and drawing up reports! Read more about the EED audit here.
  • Energy scans
    As an independent partner, we can carry out a tailored energy scan for you. We visit the site and map the savings potential of your climate installations.
  • Energy purchasing
    Energy will become considerably more expensive in the coming years. So then, how do you keep your energy costs as low as possible? We ensure that you pay as little as possible for your energy purchasing, by thoroughly analysing the market and offering only the best rates.

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