Logistics sector

The Netherlands has become the gateway to Europe for a number of years including, among others, Rotterdam as Europe´s largest port. Many logistics service providers and international companies have centralised their European distribution activities in the Netherlands.

Warehouses, retail centres and distribution centres are being faced with increasing heating costs because of higher gas prices. The need for heated work spaces from the industry association is also increased, as a result of more Value Added Logistics (VAL) and Value Added Services (VAS) like packing and labelling products. This has great financial and environmental consequences. With our Energy Management, and the Vickers Energy Management System in particular, we are able to provide a solution to the increasing costs and consumption. This will save energy, costs and also contributes to environmentally sustainable logistics. 

Your benefits

  • Guaranteed 25% energy savings on gas heaters;
  • Minimum of 10% energy savings for your entire building;
  • More comfort as a result of a stable temperature;
  • More sustainable building and technical systems.