Vickers Energy Management System

maximum energy savings for industrial buildings

Sprinx is the exclusive supplier of the Vickers Energy Management System (EMS) in Europe. This unique control system allows users to achieve considerable fuel savings on industrial heating in industrial buildings such as distribution centres, warehouses and production facilities. Figures prove average savings of at least 43% and a payback time for your investment of less than three years.

We achieve maximum savings on heating costs
with minimum effort required by the client

Vickers EMS was developed by British company Vickers Electronics Ltd., and Sprinx has been the exclusive distributor of this system in mainland Europe since 2013. With twenty years’ experience and more than 4500 systems installed achieving impressive results, Vickers EMS has definitely proven itself!

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How the Vickers Energy Management System works

In industrial buildings, heaters are usually controlled individually, so no communication takes place in relation to heating and they are often set at random times and random temperatures. As a result, excess heat is generated when not needed. What’s more, the heat generated is not put to optimum use.

By connecting Vickers EMS to your existing heaters, we are able to reduce your overall gas consumption. We connect a digital temperature sensor to each heater that can be set to ensure 0.1°C accuracy, resulting in a 10% reduction in your gas consumption. The Vickers EMS’ synchronised burner control can even reduce gas consumption by 20%. A central control panel with self-learning predictive software connects all heaters, temperature sensors and ventilators to one another and to the particular zone of the industrial building, without compromising your staff's level of comfort. In fact, with the Vickers EMS, their level of comfort is more likely to improve. The Vickers EMS is also equipped with setpoint security, so only authorised individuals are able to adjust the time and temperature.

  • The Vicker EMS is compatible with radiant heating and air heating, be it gas fired or water supplied.

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Installing the system

The Vickers EMS will be installed by our own, professional technicians without disruption of your staff’s workflow.

Connecting all heaters together will allow them to work together intelligently. We will program the Vickers EMS according to your exact requirements before delivery, creating optimum time and temperature zone settings. We guarantee all our savings that means you can be sure we are fully committed. We install, implement and monitor the Vickers EMS in order not only to achieve our guaranteed targets, but to exceed them. 

Remote monitoring

To achieve the best results with the Vickers EMS, we monitor the system and are able to manage it remotely. By keeping a record of your consumption data, we also monitor your savings, which we will report to you on request.


Benefits of Vickers EMS

  • Considerable energy savings;
  • Guaranteed savings of 25%, which are being laid down in a contract;
  • Short payback time: between 6 months and 3 years;
  • Optimum efficiency due to advanced burner control;
  • Higher comfort levels due to a stable temperature;
  • Tamperproof: setpoints can be adjusted by authorised individuals only;
  • The Vickers EMS contributes to your environmental policy objectives and carbon footprint.

Your savings potential

You need only to provide us with a few details for us to make an estimate of your potential savings. The initial information we need is the number of gas heaters, the annual gas consumption of your building and the gas price paid during that period.

When determined you could benefit from implementing Vickers EMS in your building, one of our Energy Engineers will perform an extensive, technical survey to accurately determine your savings. We will present you with our transparent proposal based on this survey. This is all completely free of charge and without any obligations.

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