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About Technische Unie

Technische Unie B.V. is the largest technical wholesaler in the Netherlands and stocks over 280,000 products from over 1200 different suppliers worldwide. This includes installation materials for the electrical engineering industry, lighting, tools, sanitation products, as well as heating and climate technology. These items are shipped to customers operating in the installation industry and industrial sector, to governmental and semi-governmental organisations and to retail traders.

Technische Unie deals with its staff and resources in a critical manner within the framework of its sustainability policies. Thanks to good collaboration within the supply chain, trucks (lorries) take smarter routes and therefore fewer are empty on the roads. Furthermore, part of its transport fleet is electric or hybrid, this is beneficial for the environment of course. All of Technische Unie's points of sale have 'Wecycle' collection areas where customers can dispose of their electrical waste.

Our challenge

Technische Unie asked Sprinx to reduce gas consumption at its transfer point on the Douaneweg in Amsterdam. This depot, which is a hectare in size, is stocked at night, so that deliveries can be made directly to customers during the day.

The depot uses five gas heaters: four in the warehouse and one in a separate storage. Sprinx performed a technical survey on site and discovered that gas savings of at least 25% could be guaranteed using Vickers EMS. By connecting the heaters and using an intelligent control system, their gas consumption has reduced considerably. Vickers EMS was installed in November 2013.

Gas savings exceed expectations

In 2014, Vickers EMS reduced Technische Unie's gas consumption by 39%, compared to their consumption before the installation (after correction degree days). This means that Vickers EMS has easily exceeded the guaranteed savings. The company's carbon footprint has also reduced by 31,000 kg. Sprinx expects Vickers EMS to save more gas during the coming winter compared to the savings achieved in 2014.

Gas consumption Technische Unie Amsterdam

NB: Because the gas consumption of heaters is weather dependent, Sprinx adjusts the savings based on the average outdoor temperature during a specific period, otherwise known as degree days. This provides a realistic view of the savings effectively achieved by Vickers EMS.

“The results are looking good. It was worth the investment. The Vickers EMS allows me to control energy consumption at our transfer point in Amsterdam.” 

Theo Peperkamp, Building Manager at Technische Unie


39% Saving
17.448 m3 Gas
31.058 kg CO2
1.67 years Payback time

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