About Sprinx

Sprinx was founded in 2009 with the goal to achieve energy savings. Sustainability, innovation and providing services are the key points of all our activities.

Increasing energy consumption and CO2-emissions are having an enormous impact on the environment. Thanks to technological developments and innovative products it is possible to reduce energy consumption in buildings. Saving energy always results in costs reduction, both now and in the long term. Sprinx is going much further than that. 

Creating energy by saving energy

We invest in sustainable solutions with short payback times and immediate results, i.e. saving costs on your energy consumption. We do this with our innovative Sprinx Energy Efficiency (SEE) service, our real-time energy monitoring system Eniscope and through our products Cheetah Energy Control and the Vickers Energy Management System. In addition to guaranteeing considerable savings on your energy costs, we help you optimising your building and technical installations and make them more sustainable. 

Sprinx operates throughout Europe and the United Arab Emirates.

Our mission

It is Sprinx' mission to maximise its contribution to a sustainable world by becoming the most leading and innovative service provider in energy-saving solutions, with maximum efficiency for the existing built environment. We do this using high-quality, sustainable and reliable products and services.

Our clients see Sprinx as ‘best in class’ due to our innovative and professional ideas, guaranteed results, personal approach, no-nonsense mentality and high level of service. 

Sprinx and Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Sprinx, corporate social responsibility is very important to us, thereby contributing to a more sustainable world.

We consider reducing fossil fuel consumption to be our social responsibility. Fossil fuels are limited; with our services, we will do everything we can to make sure that these resources are available for as long as possible for future generations.

Children are the future

We reserve funds particularly for charities that are committed to children. After all, children are the future!

Every year, our CEO and owner Frank Bosch initiates a company tournament (Mini BedrijvenToernooi) to raise money for a charity. For the eighth time in a row, the charity is Metakids: a foundation that helps children with metabolic diseases. Metakids brings these diseases to the attention of a wider audience and uses the funds collected for scientific research. For further information, visit the websites of Metakids and Mini BedrijvenToernooi.

Our added value

  • We have identified sustainability criteria for all our internal processes like mobility, accommodation, printing and office facilities. This means that all our activities are assessed for energy savings and CO2-emissions. We limit travel and transport goods energy-efficiently to  limit harmful emissions;
  • Our employees' drive makes Sprinx innovative and inspiring, which is why we encourage our colleagues' personal and professional development;
  • We focus on more than just traditional business objectives such as financial profits; we see contributing to a more sustainable world as a profit too. This is why we continuously invest in sustainable energy projects and help clients who do not have the necessary resources to invest in their buildings by investing ourselves.