Real estate market

The financial crisis has left its mark on the property market over the past few years. More and more office space has become available, while demand is steadily declining. Users are changing and this has also resulted in changing demands and requirements for the working environment.

One of those changes is that, in addition to the energy label, the indoor climate has become even more important when finding the right housing location.

It is important that both the building's status and the comfort of the working environment can be guaranteed for the owner and the end user respectively. In many cases, buildings are occupied by several users which means that different interests have to be taken into account. It is also essential not to forget the importance of the owner's needs. With our service Energy Management we really feel at home in the real estate market. You can trust us with your building, so that you can get back to focussing on your core business. 

Your benefits

  • Minimum energy savings of 10%;
  • Reduced operating costs, lower service costs;
  • An improved working climate;
  • More sustainable building and technical installations.