For years the hotel sector has been leader in making their organisations and accommodation more sustainable, which means that hotels are meeting the increasing demand from guests to perform their corporate social responsibility. Long-term reduction goals are therefore being set at a strategic level within hotel chains, which individual hotels must comply with.

Since its establishment, Sprinx has become very active in the hotel industry. This is partially the result of a continuing demand to reduce operating costs and the desire to reduce the carbon footprint. Following very close contact with the Technical Service/Chief Engineer on site and determining the occupancy numbers, the use of the hotel will be mapped out in detail. With this information we efficiently optimise the building, either at building level with our Energy Management, but also at system level with our Cheetah Energy Control system. This system, intended for professional kitchens, controls the capacity of the air supply and extraction of the hood. In such way that it responds to cooking activity in the kitchen resulting in guaranteed considerable energy savings.

Your benefits

  • Minimum of 10% energy saving for your entire building;
  • Cheetah Energy Control achieves a considerable energy saving of 65% electricity on average for your kitchen ventilation system;
  • Optimum comfort for guests and staff;
  • More sustainable building and technical systems.