Market Segments

Over the past few years, Sprinx has become the specialist in optimising climate control in buildings and in adjusting the systems on a building's user profile. Every building is unique because of its construction, its floorplan, the technical systems present and the number of users. Sprinx will therefore give each individual building the attention it deserves. Certain legislation and regulations must be taken into account for each market segment. This complexity therefore demands the necessary knowledge and experience that you can find at Sprinx. 

Thanks to our years of knowledge and experience we have become specialists in a wide range of market segments. The links below provide an overview of the market segments in which we exercise our expertise every day. Please click on a segment for more information. 

Real estate market
Logistics sector
Healthcare sector
Shopping centres

We have your best interests at heart

No building is the same and each building requires individual attention. Especially when it comes to energy management. A property's owner will therefore have different interests in his building than a property manager, tenant or end user. We have these interests at heart when creating savings measures for your building. For the owner, property manager, tenant or end user in every market segment.

End user

As a building's end user, you will benefit from our Energy Management and/or Cheetah Energy Control and Vickers Energy Management System products, as it will cut energy costs and reduce your CO2-emissions. This will of course strengthen your sustainable image and improve  the climate in the building. You will also receive insight into your monthly energy costs which will prevent you from being presented with unexpectedly high bills. 


Property manager

If you are a property manager, keep your tenants satisfied at all times with Sprinx's Energy Management. If the building you manage is not fully occupied, we guarantee you substantial reduction on your vacancy costs. 



Energy Management is also of interest to property owners. We can create a long-term energy investment plan presenting your savings potential, which we can also execute for you. This potential gives your building a more efficient building label, making it easier to rent out. 

Sprinx can also act as an independent source of information for subjects related to climate and energy. This includes surveying proposals or helping when choosing your energy supplier.