About Ricoh

Ricoh Company Ltd. is a global supplier of products and services in the area of IT & document management solutions. The company is best known for its wide range of electronic office equipment such as printers, fax machines and photocopiers. 

Ricoh is aware of its social responsibility and has incorporated these values in its business strategy. New environmental objectives are set every three years and Ricoh's entire value chain is obliged to comply with them. These objectives include the company's focus on reducing waste production, water consumption and CO2-emissions during their production cycle, the sales process and the distribution process in the near future. 

Our challenge

Ricoh Europe SCM B.V. enlisted Sprinx’s help to achieve energy savings. Sprinx was asked to reduce energy consumption at their distribution centre in Bergen op Zoom. This warehouse, which spans the size of seven football pitches, is where Ricoh products are assembled to be distributed to Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. Gas heaters are used in the warehouse. After performing a technical survey Sprinx guaranteed savings of at least 25% to be achieved with the Vickers EMS. The system was calculated to have a payback time of one year. 

In September 2013, Sprinx installed the Vickers EMS in 10 different zones, spread over three buildings. Here it was possible to interconnect the heaters, allowing the system to run 40 heaters using 10 diagnostic outstations.

Significant energy reduction

In just one year, Vickers EMS has reduced Ricoh's gas consumption by 53%, compared to the company's consumption before the system was installed. In order to demonstrate the actual savings achieved by Vickers EMS, Sprinx adjusts energy consumption data by applying a degree days correction. Due to the unseasonably warm winter of 2013, the savings percentage was adjusted to 39%. This still exceeds the guaranteed savings! The payback time for the system has also been reduced from one year to seven months. At the same time, Ricoh's carbon footprint has reduced by over 85,000 kg, which compares to the growth of over 4000 trees.

Gas consumption Ricoh Bergen op Zoom

NB: Because the gas consumption of heaters is weather dependent, Sprinx adjusts the savings based on the average outdoor temperature during a specific period, otherwise known as degree days. This provides a realistic view of the savings effectively achieved by Vickers EMS.

 “The Vickers EMS contributes significantly to our environmental target concerning reducing our CO2-emissions. In addition, the system achieved more savings that calculated: we recovered the investment within one heating season!”

Pieter-Jelle van Dijk, Director Operations Ricoh Europe SCM B.V.


39% Saving
47.606 m3 Gas
85.695 kg CO2
0.59 years Payback time

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