Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel

Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel


About Sheraton

The Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel is part of Starwood Hotels & Resorts. This chain, which also includes hotels such as St. Regis, Le Méridien and the W Hotel, is one of the largest hotel and leisure corporations in the world, with over 1025 properties in 100 different countries. The Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel is the only hotel in the Netherlands that has direct access to Schiphol's arrival and departure lounges.

As part of Starwood's corporate social responsibility policy, the Sheraton aims to make its purchasing policy more sustainable, reduce its CO2-emissions per guest per night, reduce its non-recyclable waste and use sustainable ingredients in its dishes. The main focus is the ‘30-20 in 2020’ programme, which aims to achieve a 30% energy saving and 20% water saving in 2020 when compared to consumption in 2008. What’s more, the Sheraton Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Hotel has already achieved the highest possible golden Green Key certificate for 2015; an international quality label for companies that adopt the various aspects of corporate social responsibility in a quantifiable manner.

Our challenge

The Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel wished to achieve a maximum energy saving so that it can meet Starwood's environmental objectives. That is why Sprinx was approached in 2012 to help achieve energy savings of at least 15% off the hotel's energy bill by means of Energy Management. Sprinx has created an investment plan based on this objective that the Sheraton should use to definitely meet its target saving. This percentage, along with the investment plan, has therefore been laid down in a performance contract.

Sprinx's focus is on the gas and electricity consumption by the existing technical systems: the building management system, the HVAC installations, lighting and the kitchen. In addition to optimising Sprinx’s technical controls, the Sheraton has also made an amount available for several additional energy-saving investments, including: the implementation of Cheetah Energy Control in the kitchens and the installation of central heating boilers for separating tap water from the central heating system. All circulation pumps and motors for air handling have been fitted with frequency drives, so that the delivered? capacities are fully automatically adjusted to the building's requirements.

Considerable energy savings

In collaboration with the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel, Sprinx successfully reduced the total energy consumption with 15%; a saving of nearly 13% on electricity and 20% on gas consumption (after a degree day correction). The savings are expected to increase (progressively) within the next year, as new central heating boilers for tap water heating were installed mid-2014. This separated system alone already achieved a 50% gas reduction!

The payback time of all energy saving measures and investments executed by Sprinx at the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel was less than three years. This resulted in a positive cashflow during the contract period – the ROI amounted to 133%! This result is due to Sprinx' creative and innovative solutions in measurement and control optimisation, the implementation of energy saving investments and an extremely close collaboration with the hotel's technical department. Sprinx will continue this success the coming three years, to achieve the final objective saving 30% of the energy consumption.

Gas consumption Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel

Electricity consumption Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel

NB: Because the gas consumption is weather dependent, Sprinx adjusts the savings based on the average outdoor temperature during a specific period, otherwise known as degree days. This provides a realistic view of the savings effectively achieved.

Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel

“Sheraton’s target is to achieve a global energy saving of 30% before 2020. The savings Sprinx guaranteed to us provide a positive outlook and we are confident we will achieve our goal.”

Patrick Zeeuw, ‎Director of Technical Services The Netherlands at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.


15% Saving
12.7% Electricity
20.1% Gas
1 024 417 kg CO2

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