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About Maritim

The Maritim Group is a German hotel chain that operates 36 hotels in Germany. All hotels of the Maritim Group are specialised in conferences and congresses and most of them have two or more restaurants, offering international and regional delicacies to their guests.
Maritim realised early on that the careful use of resources is an important factor in securing the future of our society. Therefore, in 2010, the hotel group developed the ProUmwelt environmental guidelines. In order to meet the objectives, Maritim has taken measures throughout its chain of hotels in the six related fields of sustainable development: energy, waste, water, shopping, mobility and employees. The various projects in these areas focus on improvements in daily life and innovation in new and renovated buildings. Since then, all of Maritim’s hotels have marked significant progress in the efficient use of energy. In the context of ecological optimisation, Sprinx has installed Cheetah Energy Control in already 7 Maritim hotels.

Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf

The Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf is the biggest conference hotel in the German state North Rhine-Westphalia. It offers direct access to the airport terminal, has 533 elegant rooms and suites and event capacities for up to 5,000 people in 33 meeting rooms.

The Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf actively supports and implements the environmental guidelines of the Group. Sprinx has installed Cheetah Energy Control in February 2015.

Our challenge

Sprinx has installed Cheetah in 2 kitchens: the open bistro cuisine and the main kitchen. A specific challenge for Sprinx has been the fine-tuning of Cheetah after installation. The ventilation of the open kitchen had to be carefully adjusted in order to avoid any disturbances for the guests through kitchen odour in the restaurant. Secondly, the kitchen supply and extract had to be optimally synchronised to create a slight vacuum-pressure towards the lobby. A draught had to be avoided by all means. Nevertheless, Sprinx managed to solve the challenges in the Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf to the maximum satisfaction of our client.

Prerequisite for the successful installation was the excellent teamwork of all parties involved. Through the seamless and reliable feedback regarding temperature and climate in the kitchen, the Sprinx team was able to fine-tune Cheetah and create optimal working conditions for the kitchen staff while saving energy at the same time.

Motor RPM Maritim Dusseldorf

NB: The electricity savings refer to the entire year, the heating savings only refer to the heating season.

Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf

“We are very happy with the energy savings we have achieved through the installation of Cheetah. The installation was absolutely hassle-free and Sprinx scored well with its reliable customer service.“

Johann Prokscha, Chief Engineer Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf


52% Costs
75% Electricity
33% Heating
47% CO2
0.94 years Payback time

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