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About Le Méridien

Le Méridien Hamburg is situated at the river banks of the Alster lake in the city centre Hamburg, Germany. The hotel is part of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. This chain, which also includes hotels such as the Sheraton, the Westin and the W Hotel, is one of the largest hotel and leisure corporations in the world, with over 1025 properties in 100 different countries.

Starwood has been aware of the environment for some time now and this is reflected in the company's day-to-day activities. As part of Starwood’s corporate social responsibility policy, Le Méridien Hamburg strives to buy products and materials that have been produced in an ethical manner, that can be recycled, that have been manufactured in an energy-efficient manner or that are local. Through various initiatives and campaigns such as reducing waste, cutting back on water consumption and limiting carbon emissions, Le Méridien Hamburg is making it possible to effectively reduce the negative external effects on people and the environment.

Our challenge

In this ultimately luxurious 5-star hotel, the kitchen ventilation usually ran on 100% and was rarely turned off at night. After a technical survey, Sprinx could guarantee that the average ventilation capacity could be reduced to 70% with Cheetah. Concerning energy use, it means that Le Méridien would save 54% on electricity and 30% on heated air. The payback time was calculated to come close to 11 months.

Because the hotel management wanted the payback time to be guaranteed, Sprinx placed electricity meters in the hotel in December 2014. Over a period of two weeks, Sprinx measured and compared  the electricity consumption before and after the installation of Cheetah. As the results after installation corresponded with the ones calculated, the hotel management was convinced of the performance of the system.

Expectations fulfilled

Nearly six months after installing the system, Cheetah proved to have met the expectations. The graph shows how the system performed before and after installation. Annually, Cheetah can save a total of 178,000 kWh energy, which equals to 57% electricity and 23% heated air. The management of Le  Méridien Hamburg is very satisfied with the results.

Motor RPM Le Méridien Hamburg

Le Méridien Hamburg is the 6th Starwood hotel in Germany where Cheetah has been installed.

Please note: the electricity savings refer to the entire year, the heating savings only refer to the heating season.

“We decided to install electricity meters before installing the energy system, so we knew exactly what the energy usage was before and after installation. We were amazed by the drop in kWh concerning the kitchen ventilation. Cheetah continues to work well and we are satisfied with the results.”

Andreas Kirsch, General Manager Le Méridien Hamburg


57% Elektricity
23% Heating
55.200 kg CO2
0.87 years Payback time

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