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About Hotel Des Indes

Hotel Des Indes is located in The Hague and has been part of 'The Luxury Collection', a subsidiary of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, since 2003. This chain, which also includes hotels such as the Sheraton, Le Méridien and the W Hotel, is one of the largest hotel and leisure corporations in the world, with over 1025 properties in 100 different countries. This former hôtel particulier began operating as a hotel in 1881, and since then, it has welcomed royalty, statesmen, monarchs and celebrities.

Starwood has been aware of the environment for some time now and this is reflected in the company's day-to-day activities. An historical building such as this requires additional attention when it comes to operating in an environmentally responsible manner as possible. As part of Starwood’s corporate social responsibility policy, Hotel Des Indes strives to buy products and materials that have been produced in an ethical manner, that can be recycled, that have been manufactured in an energy-efficient manner or that are local. Through various initiatives and campaigns such as reducing waste, cutting back on water consumption and limiting carbon emissions as far as possible Hotel Des Indes is making it possible to reduce the negative external effects on people and the environment as effectively as possible.

Our challenge

When Hotel Des Indes was introduced to the Cheetah system in 2010, the management team and the Chief Engineer at the hotel strongly supported its installation. First of all, a testing period for the system was agreed to. The results of this test were very positive with energy savings of over 60% and a payback time of 1,25 years! The supply and extract fans of Hotel Des Indes’ kitchen ventilation system were monitored for a period of two weeks - one week with Cheetah Energy Control and one week without. Also the heating energy needed to maintain a fixed supply air temperature of 15°C was monitored during the same two weeks.

RPM of the supply and extract fans Hotel des Indes

The graph shows the ventilation and heating energy consumption, running considerably lower than pre installation. Before installation of Cheetah the fans ran at 24 hours per day consuming 96 kWh of electricity per day. After the installation this is reduced to an average of 36 kWh per day. The amount of conditioned air used has also been reduced significantly. The total savings were more than 60% in the trial period and have exceeded the calculated savings in the initial proposal documents. The General Manager at Hotel Des Indes would be very happy if other Starwood Hotels would consider the implementation of Cheetah in their hotels.

Please note: the electricity savings refer to the entire year, the heating savings only refer to the heating season.

Hotel Des Indes The Hague

“We are delighted with the results of the Cheetah system. Since the implementation, we are saving over 60% on energy consumption and at the same time, improving the comfort level for our kitchen staff.”

Pierre-Henri Bovsovers, General Manager Hotel Des Indes


62% Electricity
70 % Heating
26.421 kg CO2
1.25 years Payback time

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