Sprinx performs your EED energy audit

On 5 December 2015 at the latest, all large companies in The Netherlands are required to have conducted an energy audit according to the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). The energy scan needs to be performed by an independent organisation and takes place every 4 years.

The directive originates from 25 October 2012 and was initiated by the European government. It serves to accelerate the European energy policy and has the purpose to reduce the energy consumption of government, citizens and companies by 20% in 2020 (baseline 2010).*

An energy audit should comply with the following criteria according to the EED:
- Energy consumption analysis;
- Energy savings potential;
- Proposed energy-saving measures.

The aim is to gain insight by using detailed and validated calculations for the proposed measures and provide clear information about potential savings.

The EED-obligation applies to companies with:
- more than 250 FTE;
- or an annual revenue of at least €50 million;
- or an annual balance sheet total of at least €43 million.

Small and medium-sized enterprises follow another energy-efficiency programme that will be determined at community level. This arrangement only applies to companies that consume more than the lower limit of 25.000 m3 gas and/or 50.000 kWh electricity.

* Objectives are determined by the national government and differ per country.

What can Sprinx do for you?

  • Sprinx is an independent organisation, specialised in energy management. After a thorough scan (the energy audit), we will provide you with a report including all requirements. If desired, we can also perform the recommended energy saving measures. You will have one partner for the entire process, who arranges everything. What’s more, we guarantee that you will recover (at least) the costs of the scan) by performing the savings measures for you. Click on SEE for more information about our working methods and possibilities.


Do you want Sprinx to conduct your energy audit or do you want more information about this subject? Call us on +31 (0)10 225 06 00, complete the contact form or send an e-mail.