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About Hilton

The Hilton Royal Parc Soestduinen is situated in the wooded surroundings of the Utrecht Hill Ridge. The hotel belongs to Hilton Hotels & Resorts (Hilton), which is part of the Hilton Worldwide group. With over 550 hotels spread across 82 different countries, Hilton is one of the most famous hotel and resort chains in the world.

Being one of the leading players within the hospitality industry, Hilton takes a great deal of responsibility for taking care of our environment. Under the heading Travel with Purpose, Hilton Worldwide creates value for its stakeholders in four areas: creating opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential; strengthening communities where Hilton Worldwide operates; celebrating cultures and the power of travel; and living sustainably through the measurement, analysis and improvement of the company’s use of natural resources.

Our challenge

Ventilation fans ran 24 hours per day in the main kitchen of the 4-star hotel, yet a technical survey rendered this unnecessary. Because of that, Hilton Royal Parc Soestduinen was enthusiastic about the implementation of Cheetah in the kitchen. Moreover, the management was already familiar with the system because of the proven results of previous Cheetah projects in other Hilton hotels. The system was installed on 16 October 2015.

Soon after installation however, the ventilation capacity in the kitchen turned out to be insufficient. The lower limit of the engine speed was therefore adjusted from 40% to 50% of its normal operating speed, assuring proper ventilation in times of low cooking activity. As a result, smoke, steam and food smells were no longer lingering in the kitchen. The new adjustments improved the working conditions in the kitchen significantly and reduced the energy usage by nearly 140,000 kWh on an annual basis. That comes down to a 47% cut on electricity and 26% on heated air as opposed to former consumption levels. With these results, the system is recovered in 14 months. The carbon savings amount to almost 38,000 kg. Despite the technical modification, the results virtually matched the calculated savings. The hotel is therefore very satisfied with the performance of the system.

RPM of the engine Hilton Soestduinen

“All work activities have been discussed with the various parties involved in order to minimise any inconvenience. The project was delivered neatly and carefully, down to the smallest detail. Our sincere compliments to the service of Sprinx!"

Technical Manager Hilton Royal Parc Soestduinen


47% Electricity
26% Heating
37.740 kg CO2
1.18 years Payback time

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